Flu Clinic Sign-ups

At East Bay Pediatrics, we highly recommend all of our patients 6 months and older receive the influenza vaccine annually.


We want to make sure our patients are well informed about the influenza virus and how to protect your children from it.  Below are some links about the flu virus and the vaccine:

Healthy Children: The Flu

CDC Flu Vaccine Information Statement (VIS)


We offer two ways for our patients to receive the flu vaccine: in office appointments and outdoor drive through appointments. We are confident that we will be able to provide flu vaccines for all of our patients. 

If this is your child’s first flu vaccine, please schedule an in office appointment for them. 

If your child is less than 9 years old and they have received zero or only 1 prior flu vaccine in their life, they will need two doses 4 weeks apart this flu season. Please call our office to book the first vaccine. The second vaccine can take place in one of our clinics 4 or more weeks later. 

As part of our effort to maintain safety and physical distancing for our patients, we are offering flu vaccines by appointment only.

We will have outdoor drive-thru clinics at our large side parking lot on the corner of Prince’s Hill Avenue and Anoka Avenue. You will see well-marked entrance/exit signs at the lot to drive in a circle. 

We ask that parents keep their children in the car / in their carseat for the vaccine. We may ask you to quickly help hold the child if necessary. All children less than 2 years should wear shorts and older than 2 years should be in a short sleeve shirt. To keep our clinic flow moving, if your child is having a difficult time at the walk up or drive up clinic, you may be asked to reschedule to an in-office visit. Please schedule separate appointments for each of your children.

Please note – drive-thru clinics are not for needle-phobic patients and those patients will likely do better with an in-office appointment. 


-All patients under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

-We will NOT be able to accommodate any patients without appointments. This includes unscheduled siblings.

-There is no wait time necessary between receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine.

-Unfortunately we do not have enough supply to vaccinate parents with their children. We have been trying to offer this for our families but thus far it is not possible. 

-Is your child allergic to eggs? Most children with an egg allergy are fine to receive the flu vaccine. If you have questions or concerns about this, please talk to your child’s doctor before getting the flu vaccine.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. Please do not be discouraged if you are unable to book a slot this week - we will continue having frequent clinics and will ensure that all patients who request a flu vaccine will receive one.

If your child receives a flu shot elsewhere, please send us a message so that we can update their EMR to reflect that the vaccine was completed.

Stay safe and healthy!

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